the best scene in the history of forever

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Celtic Fairy Tales, c. 1891

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Flight of the Nazgûl

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Urso by Peter Holme III 

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I need someone who’s okay with laying in bed all day but also up for spontaneous adventures.

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New Ascension Symptoms Post-2013 into the New Paradigm


Here is the list you guys helped me create(hope i got them all)!

As we open the gateway into the Higher Energies of the New Paradigm. I think it’s time to do an extensive update on the symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. As each energy shift occurs you will notice an increase in energy as well as…

My dad has a 33 life path number, which is the number of a Master Teacher or Ascended Master. He’s also an Aquarius, and this is the beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius. I think that’s really fascinating, and I feel really blessed to have him as a father.


I mean, I write poems in these songs dedicated to you.

Sunflowers, version four (1888), Vincent van Gogh / Poetic Justice, Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake

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